The numerous health benefits of saunas, such as reduced stress, enhanced circulation, and detoxification, have made them a worldwide phenomenon. Some people don’t know what to wear in a sauna, and may be unsure as to whether they should go nude or wear a swimsuit to a sauna because many saunas have a “clothing optional” policy. This article will discuss the pros and cons of sauna nudism to help you decide if this lifestyle choice is right for you.

Advantages of Going Nude in the Sauna

  • Better circulation: Blood vessels dilate when a person is naked in a sauna, allowing more blood to reach all parts of the body. This has the potential to improve one’s state of mind and health as a whole.
  • Improved personal hygiene: clothes that don’t absorb moisture prevent the buildup of bacteria that can cause rashes and other skin problems. Going nude in a sauna has many health benefits, including a decreased risk of skin infections and other ailments by allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Enhanced experience: Many sauna-goers believe that stripping down to their underwear is the best way to get the most out of the heat and steam. Wearing clothing can trap heat, reducing the sauna’s ability to help you relax and detox.

Disadvantages of Going Nude in the Sauna

Some people, especially those who are not used to it, may feel uneasy if they see a nude person in a public place. No one should force you to strip down to nothing if that makes you uncomfortable.

Different cultures have different norms regarding public nudity, if you are in a public gym sauna in the USA, you should definitely wear clothes. Do some reading up on the local customs and dress code before entering a sauna while abroad.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you want to get naked in the sauna or not. In order to feel more at ease and private, some people choose to wear a swimsuit or wrap themselves in a towel.

Nude Sauna Etiquette

what to wear in infrared saunas
  • Respect: Remember that you are in someone else’s personal space when using a sauna. This includes refraining from inappropriate behavior such as staring or making comments about other sauna-goers.
  • Bring a towel: Towels are required, so remember to pack one before heading to the sauna. If you want to keep the bench clean and sanitary, please use this towel. It can also serve as a sauna robe to keep you covered as you stroll.
  • Good hygiene: Cleaning and maintaining a clean and sanitary sauna requires that you shower before entering. Taking a shower before entering the sauna will also help to open your pores.
  • Be quiet: In order to fully enjoy your sauna experience, silence is required. The volume of conversations and electronic devices should be kept to a minimum.
  • Stay safe: Saunas can get quite warm, so pay attention to your body and take breaks if you need them. If the temperature is making you uncomfortable, you should also avoid pouring water on the rocks.

Common Questions About Nude Saunas:

Should one always get naked before entering a sauna?

Going nude in a sauna is not required to enter. However, in some saunas, patrons are expected to remove all clothing before entering the facility.

What if I don’t feel confident enough to go nude?

No one should force you to strip down to nothing if they make you feel uncomfortable. It’s fine to walk around in your swimwear or drape yourself in a towel.

If you’re going to a nude sauna, is it okay to bring a friend of the opposite sex?

The sauna’s rules will determine this. There are some saunas that only allow men or only women, while others welcome mixed groups. Find out if it’s okay to bring a friend of the opposite sex to the sauna before making plans to do so.

In a sauna, can I bring my cell phone?

The sauna is not the place to bring your phone or other electronic devices. The use of electronic devices is discouraged in saunas because they disrupt the peaceful atmosphere.

Should I bring my own water bottle?

Bringing a water bottle with you to the sauna is a great idea, as staying hydrated is essential while in there. Alcohol can cause dehydration, so it’s best to avoid it before and after a sauna session.


Among them are enhanced circulation, better hygiene, and a more enjoyable sauna experience, all of which can be gained by going nude in the sauna. But it’s not for everyone; individual tastes and cultural norms must be taken into account. Whether or not you choose to undress in the sauna depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you’re nervous about going nude, you can always wear a swimsuit, cover up with a towel first, or buy a sauna for home.