Wondering what to wear in infrared saunas? You aren’t alone. Many people often wonder if they should wear a swimsuit, normal clothes, or nothing at all. The answer depends on whether you have a home infrared sauna, or if you use a public infrared sauna.

The short answer is, using the infrared sauna nude will provide you with the best benefits. This is because infrared saunas use infrared light to penetrate your skin and provide you with the benefits you’ve most likely read about. If there are no clothes in the way of the infrared light, the more benefits they provide.

However, we know it’s not always possible to use the sauna nude as there may be other people around. If nude is not an option, wear clothes that show the most amount of skin you are comfortable with, like a bathing suit, sports clothes, or just a towel. Some people may find it uncomfortable to sweat in certain material, so try different clothing styles and see what works best for you.

What To Wear In Infrared Saunas At Home

As I mentioned earlier, the best thing to wear in an infrared sauna at home is nothing at all. If that’s not possible, just wear whatever makes you comfortable.

What To Wear In Infrared Saunas In Public

The best thing to wear in an infrared in public is a cotton t-shirt, bathing suit, or just a lightweight towel.

What Not To Wear In Infrared Saunas

For the most part, you can wear whatever you want in an infrared sauna, however there are some exceptions. The following items should not be worn in order to maximize comfort and effectiveness.

  • Headgear, such as a hat or shower cap
  • Jewelry, such as rings, watches, or necklaces
  • Thick, less breathable swimwear
  • Makeup
  • Bath robes
  • Shoes
  • Dirty clothes that can attract mold or other bacteria