Sauna vests for women help to lose weight, sweat out toxins, improve blood flow, and generally feel better. They are a great addition to exercise alone and can drastically improve the amount of weight lost when compared to not using a sauna vest.

Vests are different from sauna suits for women in that a sauna suit covers the whole body, whereas a sauna vest just covers the torso. Sauna vests for women are overall more comfortable than a sauna suit, and is a good beginners choice when looking to lose weight. In the following article, I’ll go over how to choose the best sauna vests for women, then outline my favorites.

Our Top Picks of 2023

Best Overall Option: Dyuai Sauna Vest for Women

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Why it’s great: Dyuai created a U-shaped sauna vest designed specifically for the contours of women’s bodies. The sleeves offer a tight fit along the wrists to increase sweat production, but offer breathable mesh under the armpits to increase comfort. The vest has a strong zipper that’s built to last multiple uses and provides you with an easy option to remove the vest after a workout.

The upgraded polymer material creates up to five times more sweat than neoprene and is more comfortable. It’s designed to accumulate heat, while still being comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Sizes: Small through XXX-Large

Colors: 5

Best Budget Option: Moldan Women’s Sauna Vest

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Why it’s great: The Molldan sauna vest is different from the first suggestion in that it does not cover the arms, only the torso. This is a good option if you are looking to wear the vest under another piece of clothing, or are uncomfortable with your arms being fully covered.

This vest uses high-quality material and is perfect for running, yoga, biking, the gym, and more. The manufacturer suggests not using this vest for more than five hours at a time.

Sizes: Small through XX-Large

Color: 5

Best Plus-Size Option: YYQ Plus-Size Sauna Vest for Women

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Why it’s great: Sometimes it’s hard to find clothes that fit when plus-size. This can be especially true for sauna vests and any gym clothes, as they tend to fight tighter than other accessories. YYQ created a great sauna vest for plus-size women with sizes up to 4XL.

The vest is good-quality, comfortable, and built to wear all day. It has a compression strap along the waist to shape your curves and burn belly fat, and a compression factor to promote good back posture. This vest offers good support while remaining comfortable and easy to take off.

Sizes: Small through XXX-Large

Color: 1

How We Made Our Decision

While searching for sauna vests for women, I wanted to provide customers with a wide variety of styles across multiple price ranges. I searched through over 100 sauna vests for women, and only three made the cut. These three provide the best quality for their price range, and all include a warranty.

The best sauna vests use quality material, are comfortable, make you sweat a lot, and are built to last for multiple years. When selecting the sauna vests on this list, I took all of that into consideration.

When the list was complete, I double-checked reviews across five different websites to make sure my selections were the highest quality possible.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Sauna Vest for Women

When selecting a sauna vest, there are some important factors you need to consider. The following characteristics will help you pick the best sauna vest for your specific needs. While some may seem obvious, I thought I would mention them either way.


Not all sauna vests sizes are the same size, a large for one brand may mean an extra-large for another. You should take a look at the size chart for each sauna vest for women, as they tend to fit tighter than normal clothes. Some vests come with a built-in belt strap to adjust tightness and provide more of a waist trainer look.


Most sauna vests for women are a mix between polyester and spandex. If you are allergic to this type of material, you need to be careful to pick a vest that is made from something different.


Sauna vest come in a variety of different styles or coverages. For instance, there are vests that cover the whole upper body like a traditional sauna suit, some that just cover the midsection, and some that cover the torso and the arms, and some that just cover the torso. The style depends on entirely your preference, whereas the more skin covered by the material, the more you will sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do sauna vests for women cost?

They range from $10 to $30. The vests in the lower price range tend to cover less of the body, and some may only cover the waist. The best vest will cover a majority of the body, have high-quality fabric, and cost around $30. They cost a good deal less than saunas for home, but also provide many benefits.

How long do sauna vests last?

Sauna vests can last for a long time if you take care of them properly, you should follow the instructions on the care kit and wash on a low setting, and avoid drying on high heat, or ironing.

What are the benefits of a sauna vest?

Sauna vests have been shown to improve blood circulation, aid in muscle recovery, increase relaxation, and remove toxins.

Vests vs. sauna suits for women, what’s the difference?

Sauna vests for women provide the same benefits as a sauna suit, but also shape and contour the body. If you are looking for something more comfortable, a sauna suit is a better option than a vest.

Are sauna vests effective?

Yes, sauna vests are effective in aiding in weight loss by creating more sweat. However, most of this weight is water weight, and a good diet is also needed for the best effects.

How long should you wear a sauna vest?

Sauna vests can be worn for long periods of time, but if you are a beginner, you should start with only 10 minutes to see how your body reacts. You will lose a large quantity of water, so it is easy to become dehydrated.


Sauna vests for women are a great addition to any workout and are less bulky than sauna suits. They help to increase sweat production, reduce inflammation, and help you lose more weight. The list of best sauna vests below offers three great options for women to chose from.

After going through hundreds of products and thousands of customer reviews, I can confidently say the Dyuai sauna vest is the best sauna vest for women. It has the highest quality material, the best warranty, and offers unmatched comfort.