The Sunlighten Solo Sauna with SoloCarbon far infrared is ideal when a wood cabin sauna is out of the question due to cost or lack of space. Sunlighten packed its powerful infrared therapy into a compact, easily transportable mini sanctuary designed for one person, and sells it for a price that won’t break the bank.

With the Sunlighten Solo, you can easily and effectively reduce mental and physical stress, strengthen your immune system, burn calories, enhance circulation, and purge toxins from your body using only natural methods. Sunlighten has the best technology in infrared saunas, and they use it even for this portable model.

Sunlighten Solo Key Features

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SoloCarbon Coating and Heaters

The Sunlighten Solo is a portable infrared sauna that features Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon infrared panels and a sleek, lightweight design. This individual sauna allows you to focus the heat exactly where you need it most. The design’s multiple domes allow for a wide range of customizable temperature settings. It’s the ideal way to take a break and relax whenever you need it, and it’s also very comfortable.


There is no other portable infrared sauna like the Sunlighten Solo Sauna, which includes chromotherapy lighting. Light and color therapy, an age-old practice, is made available by an LED array in order to promote wellness and harmony. When installed in a home sauna, chromotherapy lighting uses the sun’s visible light spectrum to promote emotional and physical health.


With the Sunlighten Solo, you have the most mobile infrared sauna available. The compact and lightweight build makes it simple to tuck away in a closet or a spare corner. The pad can be folded in thirds so that it can be stored efficiently within the domes. It’s portable, so you can take it with you when you move or take it with you on long trips.

Simple Set Up

Since it weighs so little, setting up for a restful break is a breeze, and breaking it down is just as simple. While lying on the pad, the sliding double-dome system makes entering the pod a breeze. Simply recline the dome over your head and draw the curtain to immerse yourself in the healing benefits of far infrared radiation whenever and wherever you like.

Sunlighten Solo Review

The Sunllighten Solo is an amazing portable dome sauna with technology superior to its competitors. The Solo System provides a fully submerging infrared experience, raising your core temperature and allowing you to sweat out toxins through your skin.

It uses memory foam construction to create an ergonomic shape that disperses weight away from the lower back, improving blood flow and relieving pressure there, all while providing a comfortable experience. Get ready to unwind in unparalleled comfort with the Solo System’s unrivaled wellness benefits.

The Solo dome is 70 inches long, so it might be too short for some taller users, but your head is meant to protrude, so users up to six feet tall should be fine. Although Sunlighten’s Saunas pricing is not public, we can tell you that Sunlighten Solo Sauna is more expensive than competing sauna domes. However, Sunlighten uses the highest quality parts, so you get what you pay for.

Alternatives to the Sunlighten Solo Sauna

When I was looking for alternatives to Sunlighten Solo Sauna, I looked for brands that offered similar quality but were more affordable than Sunlighten Sauna. My five favorite alternatives are Dynamic, Maxxus, Sun Home, 1Love, and Higher Dose.

If you are stuck on Sunlight Saunas but want to see some additional models, check out the Sunlighten lineup here, or keep scrolling to see additional brands:


As part of their commitment to environmental consciousness, Dynamic Saunas only use Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood in the construction of their saunas. Both the interior and exterior of our sauna are made from the thickest wood planks. All of this contributes to a sauna that is better able to retain heat, heat up quickly, and use energy efficiently.

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The Maxxus family of saunas is the newest addition to the sauna world, and features stunning visuals such as a roof overhang, sloping floor panel sides, expanded interior color lighting, a radio with Bluetooth capability, and more.

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Sun Home

Sun Home’s Clearlight saunas have harnessed the power of nature’s healing with cutting-edge technology to bring you a suite of home wellness tools that are safe, effective, and backed by science, and can be used whenever and wherever you like. Numerous significant health benefits include, but are not limited to detoxification, weight loss, and better skin.

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Specializing in lay-down dome saunas, just flop down and prepare to be blown away. You can rely on 1Love’s Far Infrared Sauna Dome to protect your health and sanity while you travel or in the comfort of your own home. There are no potentially harmful substances or electrical fields, only top-notch construction for complete security.

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Higher Dose

Higher Dose specializes in infrared sauna wraps. These wraps are designed to provide all the benefits of a traditional infrared sauna while saving space and only being a fraction of Sunlighten Sauna prices. Higher Dose saunas are shown to improve skin quality, aid in relaxation, boost blood circulation, detoxify, burn calories, and aid in muscle recovery.

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