Taking care of yourself is rewarding, enjoyable, and easy when you have a Sunlighten Amplify infrared sauna. The Amplify sauna is a one-stop shop for total body health and wellness. This sauna is a great investment because of its attractive design, high-quality construction, careful attention to detail, and advanced safety features.

Due to the intense experience provided by the Amplify full spectrum sauna, its owners are able to stay on top of their game, sweat more, and recover sooner. Sunlighten’s far infrared therapy has been shown to be the most effective, so you’ll sweat more and save time and money in the process.

Sunlighten Amplify Key Features

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SoloCarbon Coating and Heaters

Infrared heaters must emit high concentrations of the best infrared waves optimized for the human body to absorb in order to provide health benefits like heart health and detoxification. SoloCarbon, a proprietary coating developed by Sunlighten, optimizes the highest quality and quantity of infrared light possible.

These SoloCarbon heaters have been shown to be 99% effective in third-party tests, and with the addition of halogen heaters, the temperature in the Sunlight Amplify Sauna can be cranked up to an extremely high temperature in record time.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Add an extra level of relaxation to your sauna session with the help of Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T). Sonic technology combines the therapeutic benefits of sound and vibration therapy to help you unwind and feel at peace in your home sauna.

Android Control Pad

In the Sunlighten Amplify Collection, you’ll get more out of your sauna thanks to the 10″ Android-powered Control Pad touchscreen interface. Like any other tablet, you can access the Google Play store to download apps that will allow you to watch videos from your preferred streaming services or listen to music or podcasts.

The control pad allows for the sauna to be heated and ready for use whenever you want thanks to the sauna’s ability to schedule future sessions. Built-in WiFi allows for easy setup and setup of new features via automatic software updates.

Premium Sound System

The Blaupunkt media player sound system features Bluetooth connectivity, mp3, WMA playback, AM/FM radio, AUX, USB/SD inputs, and high-quality speakers. Select your tunes of choice, close your eyes, and let the two high-quality Blaupunkt speakers transport you into bliss.

Celliant Heater Covers

Thanks, to Sunlighten’s heaters, the infrared energy that your body generates is harnessed and used by the patented textile technology developed by Celliant. Even though our heaters are 99% emissive, you receive the full benefit of the high-quality far infrared waves.


To further improve your sauna experience and your overall mental state of mind, every Sunlighten Amplify Sauna has built-in chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the practice of illuminating a sauna with colors from the sun’s visible light spectrum that are thought to align with different body energy points in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing and balancing effect.

Sunlighten Amplify Review

Overall, the Sunlighten Amplify Sauna is a great sauna for home use and an excellent option for most people. The Sauna is made from high-quality parts and heats up faster than any other sauna on the market. Its specialized heaters and panels provide infrared light that is 99% effective which results in less power waste than competitors.

They have sizes ranging from two to three people, so your sizing options aren’t extensive, but for most people, that is enough space. Although Sunlighten’s Saunas pricing is not public, we can tell you that Sunlighten Amplify Sauna is more expensive than its competitors. However, Sunlighten uses the highest quality parts, so you get what you pay for.

Alternatives to the Sunlighten Amplify Sauna

When I was looking for alternatives to Sunlighten Amplify Sauna, I looked for brands that offered similar quality but were more affordable than Sunlighten Sauna. My five favorite alternatives are Dynamic, Maxxus, Sun Home, 1Love, and Higher Dose.

If you are stuck on Sunlight Saunas but want to see some additional models, check out the Sunlighten lineup here, or keep scrolling to see additional brands:

Best 1-2 Person Option: Dynamic Barcelona Infrared Sauna

The Dynamic Barcelona is a traditional steam sauna that can accommodate up to two people. It features a 3kW heater and is made from high-quality Canadian Hemlock wood. The sauna also comes with a built-in sound system, LED lighting, and an oxygen ionizer for added relaxation benefits. With a price of only $1,799, it’s a great option for almost all budgets and fits great as a basement sauna.

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Best 3-Person Option: Maxxus Bellevue Infrared Sauna

3 person sauna for home

The Maxxus Bellevue is an infrared sauna that can accommodate up to four people but is built for three. It features six carbon heating panels and a built-in sound system with MP3/Auxiliary audio inputs. The sauna is made from high-quality Canadian Hemlock wood and has a digital control panel for easy temperature adjustments. At only $2,499, it’s much cheaper than the Sunlighten Amplify.

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Best Traditional Option: Golden Designs Sundsvall Traditional Indoor Sauna


The Golden Designs Sundsvall is a sauna that can accommodate up to two people and starts at $4,999. It features a traditional steam sauna design with a 4kW heater and natural Canadian Cedar construction. The sauna also has a built-in sound system, LED lighting, and a tempered glass door for added durability and safety.

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