Unfortunately, planet fitness doesn’t have a sauna. However, there are alternatives to Planet Fitness saunas like buying a home sauna, finding a gym with a sauna, or going to a local spa. In this article, I’ll cover some of your best alternative options.

For most people, the cheapest alternative to a Planet Fitness sauna is finding a gym with a sauna. You can cancel your gym membership at Planet fitness and get a new one somewhere else like LA fitness. If there are no other gyms close to you, or you love Planet Fitness, you can buy a home sauna.

Other Gyms With Saunas

  • LA Fitness
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • LifeTime Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • Equinox
  • Crunch
  • Gold’s Gym
  • YMCA

Best Home Sauna Alternatives to Planet Fitness Saunas

HeatWave Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

The HeatWave Rejuvenator sauna has three strategically placed low-emf carbon heating panels emit a blanket of infrared heat around your body. Setup takes all of one minute and consists of just six simple actions that turn this practical tool into a private paradise. To take advantage of the sauna’s nourishing heat in any setting, all you need to do is unroll it, plug it in, and relax. In addition to saving space while not in use, this personal sauna can be folded up and put away quickly and easily.

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HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

Wrap yourself in the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket and let the heat and soothing comfort lull you to sleep. Feel the soothing effects of our plush thermal blanket in the privacy of your own home as it lifts your spirits, purifies your system, encourages healthy skin, and provides a healthy dose of endorphins.

Weary of forking over a small fortune for a one-time session in a sweatbox sauna? Put an end to spending a fortune on your health and switch to HigherDOSE for at-home workouts or on-the-go rejuvenation.

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1Love Sauna Dome

In this lay-down sauna, far infrared rays surround your body and are only a few inches away. If you want to relax in the sauna, lying down is the best option. Long periods of sitting are required in the majority of saunas. If you own a 1Love Sauna Dome, you can experience the sauna in the most comfortable form.

In addition to laying down, this sauna also leaves your head exposed from the sauna. This allows you to stay in the sauna longer and achieve greater benefits as a hot head is what makes most people leave the sauna early.

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Maxxus Seattle 2-Person Sauna

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The Maxxus Seattle 2-Person model’s six 1750-Watt, low-EMF infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels (including a top-of-the-line foot heater) generate a gentler, more expansive heat that permeates the entire sauna. Maxxus uses top-of-the-line technology in its heating panels that allow the infrared light to penetrate the skin 40% more effectively.

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FAQ Regarding Planet Fitness Saunas

what to wear in infrared saunas

Does Planet Fitness have saunas?

Most Planet Fitness locations do not have saunas. There are some franchise locations in higher-income neighborhoods that might have saunas, but for the most part, you will need to look somewhere else.

Although Planet Fitness saunas are not common, many locations have red light therapy which provides similar benefits as infrared saunas. The red light therapy is part of the Total Body Enhancement perk included in the Planet Fitness black card membership.

What is the red light therapy at Planet Fitness?

Total Body Enhancement, also known as the “Beauty Angel RVT 30,” is a booth that combines a vibration plate with red light therapy bulbs (which emit no harmful ultraviolet radiation) in order to provide you with health benefits. Although not completely proven the benefits are thought to be similar to the benefits of infrared saunas like better blood circulation, tighter skin, weight loss, detoxification, and more.